What’s the real difference between a luxury, small ship cruise and a luxury expedition cruise? Many cruise travelers don't know what they’re missing. 

So cruise travel journalist Lynn Elmhirst sat down with Seabourn’s Jen Martin to discuss why – even if you’ve already sailed to Antarctic with Seabourn, for example, you might want to go again with one of their new expedition ships.

Jen’s full title is Director, Product Development, Expeditions at Seabourn. That means she leads the team creating ultra-luxury cruise line Seabourn’s expedition cruise experiences, so if there’s anyone who knows what makes expedition cruising special, it’s Jen!

At last! In this video, we clear up any confusion about what expedition cruising is all about. Is it a different style of cruising? A different kind of ship? Different destinations? Different cruisers? All of the above?

We also discuss why expedition cruising is becoming one of the fastest-growing niches of cruise travel, especially in the luxury realm, as it marries a growing number of travelers’ priorities to travel to remote and special places, without sacrificing the exquisite comforts and service of true luxury travel – and that checks a growing number of travelers’ boxes. Maybe even yours!

Those who already love Seabourn’s style of ultra-luxury cruising will want the opportunity to hear from a Seabourn exec who’s helping the cruise line define what expedition cruising means – and where the cruise line is headed.

Seabourn launched its first luxury, small expedition ship, the Seabourn Venture, last year, and her sister ship, the Seabourn Pursuit, will join her soon. Both were purpose built for exploration and appointed with features and amenities to enrich and enlighten guests on board, on shore, and even beneath the waves. Think submarines, zodiacs, kayaks and more.

If you’ve never sailed Seabourn or an expedition cruise before, this is your opportunity to learn why they have such devoted fans. 

Start Your Expedition Cruise!

Video and story by: Lynn Elmhirst

Featured image courtesy of Seabourn

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