In October 2019, luxury lodge Saffire Freycinet, welcomed me Down Under after 27 hours of flying from the USA. What a perfect respite where incomparable activities, exceptional food and drink are included. I was thankful for my one night there, but would recommend three is best.

The next day, I traveled 3 hours overland to Launceston, the meeting place for my next experience, an AAT Kings Inspiring Journey. Our five night itinerary included a night there with eventual destination Hobart, the capital city.

For me, the jewel in this Tassie crown was the Wukalina Walk, the middle three days and two nights. Our small group shared the adventure with our two palawa (Tasmanian aboriginal) guides who in turn shared the history and love of their land, the larapuna (Bay of Fires).

A long hike to reach our “campsite” and once there, a lasting impression like no other.

Stories, indigenous activities, traditional foods, campfires, endless starry night skies and memories of krakani lumi (purpose-built camp site) I will never forget.