The all-inclusive trend keeps growing! All-inclusive resorts used to be all about packaged beach vacations. But more and more people are tuning into the benefits of all-inclusives, especially the ease of paying upfront once, then putting your wallet away and not having to think about keeping to your holiday budget, even as you enjoy food and drinks, entertainment and activities and amenities that enrich your holiday and give you opportunities to connect with loved ones and friends during your vacation. All-inclusives make intergenerational family holidays easy, too.
That’s why we’re seeing more and more hotel and resort companies breaking into the all-inclusive category – even at the luxury end of the scale.
The latest hotel company to introduce all-inclusive properties is mega-hospitality hotel brand Marriott. It already has 600 hotels and resorts, and starting with Marriott Cancun, An All-Inclusive Resort, opening in early 2024, Marriott will debut all-inclusive properties.
The 450-room family resort in the popular Mexican destination will feature everything you expect in a premium all-inclusive, including culinary options in nine specialty restaurants, family-friendly activities and guest experiences from enriching artist workshops to lively poolside service, and also emphasizing local culture.
It’s the first in a planned series of All-Inclusive Marriott Hotels, set to open throughout 2024 and 2025, including Marriott Puerto Vallarta, An All-Inclusive Resort and Marriott Djerba, An All-Inclusive Resort – Tunisia.

Marriott Cancun, An All-Inclusive Resort, will debut new features for the all-inclusive new Marriott Hotels, including unique daily pop-up experiences and water features, like a lazy river and water slides.

You’ll also find these new features that will be hallmarks of the new, all-inclusive Marriott Hotels:
  • The Greatroom is a signature concept for Marriott Hotels, with a unique twist created especially for its new all-inclusive properties. As the hub of the resort experience, it's a place where guests can come together to socialize between activities. With a design that provides a seamless flow from indoor to outdoor, it also connects guests to their destination. From the moment you arrive at the hotel, you transition into vacation mode as you are treated to a signature arrival soda refresher, inspired by iconic crafted sodas and a nod to the brand's heritage, to toast to your holiday’s beginnings.
  • Novice-to-Expert Artist Workshops will offer a unique program of activities designed to allow guests to learn about the destination through the eyes of local craftspeople, with hands-on classes and experiences.
  • Elevated Amenities and Entertainment will appeal to you and your loved ones, whether you’re seeking 'me time or we time.’ Choose to enjoy dynamic pools and water slides, unique pop-up cinema moments, nightly entertainment and beachside family picnics.
  • Marriott is guaranteeing “A Seat at the Table for Every Generation” with its restaurant offerings available at every resort. Indulge in familiar cuisine with nostalgic touches, such as the signature burger and shake restaurant; beach-inspired eateries; and unique pop-up experiences and rituals, including Alice's Tamale Ritual, an afternoon festivity that is steeped in the heritage of the Marriott name and will bring guests together around a delicious and memorable culinary experience.

Marriott Cancun, An All-Inclusive Hotel, opens in early 2024, with others soon to come.

Image: Rendering of Marriott Cancun, An All-Inclusive Resort, courtesy of Marriott

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