Egypt is a destination that has stirred the imagination of intrepid travelers since Howard Carter uncovered the tomb of the Boy King, Tutankhamen. I have long wanted to visit and in 2019 it looked like the time was right. Tourism was on the rise, the beautiful riverboats were back on the Nile and we were set for a mind-expanding experience. Having been in the travel industry most of my adult life, I was sure I knew what I wanted to see and do on this long-awaited journey but my friends at Abercrombie & Kent Egypt were about to expand my horizons.

Abercrombie & Kent has offices throughout the globe and has been a trusted partner of Earle Travel for decades providing unique and inspiring custom trips for our clients. Now it was my turn. I received a wonderful itinerary with time in Cairo and on The Nile plus a few exclusive options we could include.

Inside the Paws of the Sphinx? What could that mean? I need to do this!

It was day two in Cairo and time to find out what Inside the Paws of the Sphinx was all about. Rising at 4:00 am (OK, that was the one little drawback) we met our guide and transferred to Giza at sunrise.

The air was cool and we were the only visitors at the famous site. The guard opened the gate and my family and I descended to the Sphinx with our guide. Dwarfed by the famous monument we were free to explore, photograph and yes, stand inside the paws of the Sphinx that memorable morning. Now I know that you CAN do that.