Did you know that you can make your own custom massage oil blend before getting a massage treatment at the Andaz Maui at the Wailea Resort in Hawaii?

At their spa called Awili Spa and Salon, an apothecary consultant will help you come up with your own unique blend. The first step of this process is trying and choosing the essential oils that best suit the health benefits you are looking for. I am a fan of Vitamin E oil to calm and hydrate sensitive skin. Next is determining the exact amount of each element and finally choosing from the aroma oils as not all the benefitting essential oils have a scent. I fell in love with a combination of Lavender and Sandalwood.

Once you have formulated your own unique blend, you can request that your massage therapist use it for your treatment. Talk about personalized! During your restorative massage, a spa consultant will write out all of your ingredients, including the amounts of each and before you leave you can purchase your private blend. They will keep your unique recipe on file at the Spa which gives you the ability to call them at any time and ask to have more shipped to your home. It’s pretty awesome! I purchased my own the last time I stayed at the Andaz and have called twice to ask for more. I am planning on going back to the Andaz Maui this Fall and will likely come back with a new blend.